Velopex AquaCare Single Air Abrasion Unit

Generating no heat, sound, pressure, or vibration

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What are the advantages of Aquacare for Dentists?

The advantages of AquaCare are: rapid removal of discoloration without discomfort for the patient, better abrasion and preparation with the 29µ and 53µ Aluminium Oxide Powder, prevention against micro-fractures and crackle effects which are normally associated with rotary instruments and improved retention of the sealant.


What are the advantages of Aquacare for patients?

Compared with the traditional drilling method, the advantages of air abrasion include:

  • Air abrasion generates no heat, sound, pressure, or vibration.
  • Air abrasion reduces the need for anaesthetic, particularly if the cavity is shallow.
  • Air abrasion leaves much more of the healthy tooth tissue behind.
  • Air abrasion leaves the working area relatively dry, which is an advantage during the placement of composite fillings.
  • Air abrasion reduces the risk of microfracturing and chipping of the tooth, which some experts believe can lead to premature restorative failures.
  • Air abrasion allows the dentist to treat multiple sites in the mouth during a single visit.
  • The procedure is relatively simple and quick.
What procedures can be performed with Air Abrasion?

Aswell as removing decay from the tooth, air abrasion can also be used to remove some old composite restorations, but not metallic restorations such as silver or amalgam fillings, prepare a tooth surface for bonding or sealants and remove superficial stains and tooth discolorations.


What is the Warranty of the Aquacare?

The Aquacare units are covered for a one year period from the date of purchase.




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