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Supercharge Production with the CEREC Workflow

The CEREC Workflow, powered by Dentsply Sirona equipment, allows you to produce crowns, bridges, implants, dentures, aligners and more, in-house, meaning you can work more efficiently and with greater control of your processes.


Intraoral scanning available in 2 setups

Amaze your patients with quick and comfortable intraoral scans using either AC Primescan or the new Primescan Connect.  With consistent advancements in both hardware and software, the process of intraoral scanning with Primescan has become more precise, speedy, and effortless than ever before.

Did you know that only 30%* of initial consultations results in treatment conversion when traditional impressions are used?



Intraoral scanning available in 2 setups

Advanced CEREC design software

The CEREC Software facilitates quick and straightforward designs. Its user-friendly interface ensures an intuitive experience right from the start, while its intelligent automation streamlines the process, making it effortless. An outstanding feature of the software is its comprehensive analysis of the complete scan during the initial proposal calculation, resulting in personalised and highly aesthetic restoration proposals. With the CEREC Software, you can rest assured that your patients will consistently receive top quality and aesthetics.

  • Clear and visually appealing operation
  • Guarantees intuitive use from the very beginning
  • Its intelligent automation enables a fast, effortless process
  • Analysis of the whole scan when calculating the initial proposal, which guarantees highly-aesthetic, individual restoration proposals.
Advanced CEREC design software

Essential for crowns and more: Primemill

CEREC takes a further stride with Primemill, enabling dentists to deliver and experience excellent chairside dentistry.

Primemill utilises cutting-edge technology and CAM strategies to manufacture high-quality chairside restorations with greater ease, speed, and precision. The availability of a wide range of material options from Dentsply Sirona and other verified partners makes it possible to treat multiple indications.

  • Short milling and grinding times
  • High quality restorations
  • Easy integration
  • Broad range of indications, including crowns, inlays, onlays, veneers, bridges, abutments and surgical guides


Essential for crowns and more: Primemill

Finish your restorations with SpeedFire

CEREC SpeedFire is a compact and high-speed sintering furnace available, which can sinter a full-contour zirconium oxide crown in approximately 14 minutes*, making it feasible to utilise the benefits of full-contour zirconia for chairside treatment.

CEREC SpeedFire is compatible with Dentsply Sirona ceramic block materials, as well as partner materials from Ivoclar, VITA Zahnfabrik, 3M Dental, Kuraray Noritake Dental, and GC, expanding its capabilities.

  • Orders sent automatically from the software to the furnace
  • SuperSpeed Chamber allows you to process 3 single crowns or one 3-unit bridge at once
  • Touch-display for intuitive operation
  • Full restoration in a single visit


*Depending on material type and restoration thickness


Finish your restorations with SpeedFire

Primeprint: A medical-grade 3D printing solution

Designed with dental intelligence for excellence in your practice, Dental Intelligence hardware and software enable the user to print biocompatible applications with reproducible and accurate results.* The intelligent material-handling system is designed to ensure safe and clean usage, with RFID coding used throughout the manufacturing process. By leveraging cloud design services, dentists can easily request top-quality CADs from skilled lab technicians. These CADs can then be used to produce ready-to-print files for 3D printing with Primeprint.

  • RFID tags enable automatic detection of the material for fast handling
  • Digital light processing (DLP) technology
  • Active coal filter means no need for an external suction device
  • Aluminium build plate to ensure a maximum level of light efficiency


*Reich S, Berndt S, Kühne CH, Herstell H. Accuracy of 3D-Printed Occlusal Devices of Different Volumes Using a Digital Light Processing Printer Appl. Sci. 2022, 12(3), 1576;
Primeprint: A medical-grade 3D printing solution

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