EY505 DI (Hard Water and Soft Water models)

Innovative, simple and cost-effective water purification

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Eau Flow is a Purified water device that utilises Reverse Osmosis (RO) to replace distillers and bottled water.

  • Purified RO water on tap for autoclaves and dental chairs
  • Simple bayonet filter connections quick to change
  • Built-in water quality meter for easy monitoring
  • Helps ensure a smooth workflow in your practice
  • Cheaper and more efficient than bottled water and distillers.    

Reverse osmosis is a water purification process that makes use of a partially permeable membrane to remove ions, molecules and particles from the water.

Eau Flow includes a multi-level filtration system and an innovative water quality meter that continually checks the water quality and alerts the user to any unacceptable variation.

The filters are attached with a bayonet system that is very simple to use, enabling any staff members to insert new filters within seconds to maintain full operating efficiency.

Eau Flow is considerably less complex, easier to maintain and more reliable than distilling water and saves a significant amount of money and storage space from using bottled water, as well as not creating the plastic waste from the used bottles.

When used in conjunction with Cleancert (click on link to CleanCert product page), Eau Flow provides a unique, fully comprehensive water purification system that delivers all your practices’ water needs , whilst eradicating inorganic and organic water impurities in minutes.


  • ‘Quick release’ bayonet connections allows clinical staff to carry out tool-free maintenance in seconds. Competitor products demand specialist tools, which can result in stressful and costly downtime waiting for an engineer
  • Built-in display shows you both live water quality (Total Dissolved Solids) and alerts you when cartridges need changing.
  • Simple proprietary cleaning kit to remove any bacteria simply and quickly (click on link to video on YouTube)
  • Hard or Soft water options
  • Pump and storage tank ensures delivery of consistently pure water for your practice needs, especially when your mains water pressure falls, with a choice of storage tank for your specific needs
  • Simple monitoring of both organic (bacteria) and inorganic water issues
  • Dimensions (L x H x W cm)- RO= 40 x 38 x 15. Tank (standard 12L)= 28 dia. x 38h. Di mixed bed (hard water only) 14 dia x 54 h
  • Tanks for specific needs: 8L (23 d x 41h), 20L (28d x 46h), 40L (40 d x 64h), 75L (40 d x 85h)

Clean and disinfect of Purity Reverse Osmosis (r)

Recommissioning your decon room post COVID-19


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