Air Purifiers

Patented, core technology tested against Coronavirus DF2 (not SARS-CoV2), Adenovirus, Influenza virus and Poliovirus, The Radic8 ViruskillerTM range is here.

Leading the global fight against airborne and droplet viruses, and perfect for all areas of the dental practice, the Radic8 ViruskillerTM neutralises 99.9999%* of viruses in a single air pass. Protect your staff and your patients with this patented technology which neutralises all airborne pathogens and viruses through a combination of filters and air sterilisation. Even mercury vapour and other gases are neutralised. 

Viruskiller – Reducing Fallow Times

As dental practices now face regulated fallow times – they are required to implement periods of downtime between any aerosol generating procedures (AGP). While designed to protect the patients and staff within practices and clinics, it comes at the huge cost of drastically lowering the number of patients that can be attended to.

Viruskiller offers three key features that aids dentists in reducing fallow time, and allowing them to work more efficiently and confidently at a time of heightened risk:

  • Airflow control
  • Air exchanges
  • Surface contamination prevention

Download the ACH calculator here.

*The patented, core technology has been tested against Coronavirus DF2 (not SARS-CoV2), Adenovirus, Influenza virus and Poliovirus.

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