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ImageAre you constantly looking for ways to elevate and differentiate your practice from mainstream dental providers? At ZEISS we know the challenges you face when you are aiming for the highest levels of performance and results – both functionally and aesthetically. EXTARO® 300 from ZEISS provides breakthrough visualisation modes that introduce new applications to microdentistry. From more efficient caries detection to a simpler tooth restoration workflow, ZEISS EXTARO 300 is poised to revolutionise and differentiate your practice.


Augmented Visualisation

ZEISS EXTARO 300 enables a more accurate assessment of the surgical situation for better decision-making. Enhancing your surgical visualisation, the MultiSpectral Mode and the NoGlare Mode assist you in making right surgical decisions.


Single-Handed Operation

Any adjustment or re-positioning of an ENT microscope can greatly disturb focus and cost you valuable time. Thanks to ZEISS EXTARO 300, you can perform procedures with maximum focus and efficiency. Best in class.



With the Mode Control button, ZEISS EXTARO 300 allows you to activate all visualisation modes and camera functionalities without taking your eyes off the surgical field. With its innovative balancing and movement system, frequent re-positioning will not be a burden on your procedure.


The new Varioskop® 230 can be operated with just one finger to maximise ergonomics. Effortlessly set the field of view and focus over a wide working range of 200 to 430 mm.


Repair caries-infected fillings efficiently

The Fluorescence Mode of the ZEISS EXTARO 300 helps you to preserve as much of the healthy tooth substance as possible. It also supports you in distinguishing natural hard tooth tissue from the most widely used dental composite resin. Using this clear visual differentiation will help you to target the affected area quickly, saving you valuable chair time during excavation.

Analyse and restore teeth without distracting reflections

The NoGlare Mode allows you to precisely analyse the colour shades of  a tooth. It effectively suppresses obtrusive light reflections from the tooth surface and prevents premature composite curing while working in a natural light environment. The TrueLight Mode now allows you to identify relevant dental tissues in a natural, white-light setting.


A dental microscope for an uninterrupted workflow

With only one finger, you can reach the multifunctional Mode Control to activate all visualisation and capture modes as well as the light settings. From the same hand position, you can adjust the focus without leaving your preferred ergonomic working position.


Benefit from a digital workflow

The integrated HD camera records wirelessly to the ZEISS Connect App, from where images and videos can be directly transferred to  your local network.


Easily educate your patients and show them the value of your work

With the Zeiss Connect App, you can show images of past and current patient conditions and highlight areas requiring treatment, enabling your patients to make informed decisions.


Specifications ZEISS EXTARO 300



5-step magnification changer


Varioskop 230, working distance adjustable from 200 – 430 mm


TriLED provides natural colored light at high intensities

TriLED with LightBoost providing Xenon like intensities


Zeiss Extaro 300 Packages:
  Classic Plus Flourescence Premium Dental
Typical Customer Endodontist Restorative & aesthetic specialist Dentist focusing on patient education
MORA interface with documentation port Image    
MORA interface without documentation port     Image
Lightboost - Xenon equivalent light intensities Image Optional Image
Augmented visualisation upgradle kit Image Image Image
Flourescence mode Optional Image Optional
Truelight mode Optional Optional Optional
NoGlare mode Optional Optional Optional

Communication Package Essential: 

Integrated HD camera with recording on USB


Communication Package Complete:

 Integrated HD camera with recording on USB or wireless recording to the ZEISS Connect App

Photo Adapter for high-resolution images Optional    
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Extaro 300 fluorescence mode

EXTARO 300 TrueLight Mode Product Video

ZEISS EXTARO 300 product video capture mode

EXTARO 300 Dr Pineiro testimonial

Closure of Interproximal Space after Loss of the Papilla

Removal of existing veneers, preparation, impression and provisionalisation

Impression as a dentist after 6 months with the Zeiss EXTARO 300

About Carl Zeiss Meditec AG

Product Video EXTARO 300

Video about Zeiss' social engagement

ZEISS EXTARO 300 - Visualise Beyond

White Paper: Added Value for the Practitioner

White Paper: Digital Patient Communication as a Part of Dental Curriculum at Universities

White Paper: Digital Patient Communication

White Paper: When Doctors Save Lives with Robotic Systems

White Paper: Seeing Your Own Technology in a New Light

White Paper: One Moment Can Change Everything

White Paper: Hope in Sight

White Paper: Dental microscope light improves visibility during light-curing composite application

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