Sirona Orthophos E 2D Imaging System

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This solid 2D X-ray unit provides a smooth entrance into the world of digital imaging. And with its optional ceph arm, it also makes for a reliable partner in orthodontics.

Your advantages at a glance

The Orthophos E is the go-to solution for general dentists and orthodontists. Diagnostic accuracy is made possible by the many advantages you get when choosing digital imaging.

Reliable diagnosis
  • Thanks to the 2D-CsI sensor and reliable image quality
Safe and proven patient positioning
  • With motorised temple and forehead support, automatic temple width measurement, light localisers and sturdy handles
Ceph images
  • A left ceph arm left can be ordered or retrofitted at any time
Important 2D programmes
  • For basic diagnostics in 2D
Easy and thoughtful operation
  • With the MultiPad control panel
Proven patient positioning

Only 2 light localisers are required for ideal positioning in the sharp slice. The motorised forehead and temple supports fixate the patient's head and prevent motion blurring.


Cephalometric Imaging

Orthophos E offers the capability to install a cephalometric arm at any time. And to be sure it fits in your x-ray room, the arm can be mounted on the left side of the unit.



Meet Mister E (Orthophos E)


What are the system requirements?

The requirements follow those for the image processing software, Sidexis 4. Details can be found here: Sidexis 4 system requirements.

I already have Sidexis XG. Do I have to switch to Sidexis 4 in order to use an Orthophos E?

Yes, the Orthophos E works exclusively with Sidexis 4. Nevertheless, data migration from Sidexis XG to Sidexis 4 is very easy.

Can I upgrade a 2D-only Orthophos with a 3D sensor?

The Orthophos SL 2D and the Orthophos S 2D are 3D upgradeable. The Orthophos E does not offer this option.

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