Anthos Tethys H10

Decontamination, washing, thermal disinfection and drying all in one single step, ensuring simpler, faster, more effective workflows.

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Tethys H10 Plus is the new thermal disinfector that makes the instrument reconditioning process simple and practical. This innovative device carries out many of the numerous manual tasks typically encountered prior to sterilisation, thus reducing personnel workloads and risk. With the Tethys H10 Plus decontamination, washing, thermal disinfection and drying are compacted into one fast automated process.

The combination of deep ultrasound washing and thermal disinfection provides effective rationalisation of reconditioning protocols, ensuring absolute protection for the user.

Effective action:

Combined ultrasound-heat action

No compromising, only maximum safety and efficiency, with guaranteed results under all conditions. Tethys H10 Plus is an EN ISO 15883- 1/2 -compliant medical device featuring a pressure washing function that works in conjunction with an ultrasound action and a 90°C thermal disinfection stage (characterised by the high value of A0=3,000).

The force of ultrasound

Ultrasound is a key feature on the Tethys H10 Plus, its power allowing the removal of every last residue on the instruments. Uniform ultrasound distribution inside the tank allows cleaning even in “shadow” zones. The ultrasound washing phase is preceded by a cold prewash stage and followed by a triple pressure rinse to remove every last deposit from the instruments.

Real thermal disinfection

Tethys H10 Plus is a medical device featuring a 90°C thermal disinfection process that complies with EN ISO 15883-1/2. A validated heat treatment process ensures the elimination of microorganisms. An exclusive water heater circuit ensures the machine is brought to the required temperature much faster than on traditional systems, maximising effectiveness and drastically reducing cycle times.

Hot air drying

At the end of the thermal disinfection stage the steam in the tank and the residual moisture on the instruments are eliminated thanks to a hot air drying phase that includes purification with an integrated HEPA filter. At the end of the process the instruments are perfectly dry and ready for the subsequent packaging stage. 

Fast Cycle:

Shorter times

Tethys H10 Plus reduces washing and disinfection times drastically, halving them with respect to traditional processes. Integrating the various phases on one automatic device speeds up the work cycle and reduces the number of manual tasks, allowing you to use your time optimally

A complete cycle in just 35 minutes

Prewashing, ultrasound washing, rinse, thermal disinfection and hot air drying in just 35 minutes: that’s the Tethys H10 Plus. The only thermal disinfector that reduces cycle times to a previously unattainable minimum.

Advanced connectivity

Tethys H10 Plus makes the operating data available via a standard Ethernet or Wi-Fi. This allows incoming data from several devices to be stored on a single computer without having to physically transfer it. Without any need for dedicated software, users can connect up to every individual device on the network and check its status without having to move from their workstations.


Easy to use.

Innovating means improving performance and reducing the time and effort needed for task completion. Tethys H10 Plus does this by combining deep-reaching ultrasound washing, the effectiveness of thermal disinfection and the practicality of hot air drying – all in one single device. Just a few simple steps, configurable according to requirements, make the washing and thermal disinfection process simpler, safer and faster than ever.



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