Anthos A3 Dental Chair

The new dental chair has a tapered shape between the seat and the lumbar support giving the dentist and the assistant easier access to the patient and more freedom of movement.

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A3: Forever Exceeding Expectations


Ergonomics of the console: Ready to work straight away

Thanks to a 3-figure numerical display, the instrument control panels on the A3 Plus provide enhanced working control. 

A layout separating patient chair controls from dental unit and instrument controls makes finding the right key simpler than ever. 

The foot control, available in three different ergonomic versions, has been designed and developed to provide ease of use and multiple functions.

Thanks to the particular design, the module with hanging tubes allows easily pulling out the instruments and just as easily putting them back into place.

Patient chair: Focus on comfort



A3 plus is a combination of comfort that benefits both dentist and patient alike. The new dental unit structure is nicely compact. Moreover, the patient chair ‘footprint’ is smaller.  A new patient chair, tough yet slender and shaped to perfection, allows personnel to move in closer to the patient with greater comfort.

On the International model it is possible to incorporate both the transthoracic tray holder module and the panoramic X-ray viewer.

Instruments: Secure performance

A wide range of instruments, perfectly integrated with dental unit electronics, is available; these provide the dentist with the very latest technology and allow fast-track use of key anthos brand product functions.

On both A3 Plus models the dentist can, where a sixth instrument is requested, choose between intraoral video camera and curing light. On the International model it is possible to incorporate both the transthoracic tray holder module and the panoramic X-ray viewer.

Hygiene: Powerful protection

In compliance with the EN 1717 standard, the optional W.H.E. system provides suitable backflow contamination protection of the dental unit water supply. Moreover, it ensures non-proliferation of bacteria in the spray and water-to-cup circuits via the addition of H2O2 to inhibit the formation of biofilm. The hydrogen peroxide tank can be filled easily via a special port on the upper side of the unit body. Anthos supplies 2 independent feed tanks: one with a grey stripe for distilled water and another with a yellow stripe for disinfectant liquid. Tank replacement and filling tasks are made easy thanks to accessible positioning on the unit body.

The Flushing function rinses the ducting with water quickly and efficiently, a task that should be carried out at the start of each working day and especially if the machine has been idle for an extended period. Flushing takes just 2 minutes and can be started via the key on the instrument panel. A large double-chamber filter ensures greater suction system efficiency.


1. Light intensity from 7,000 to 40,000 Lux; 
2. Colour temperature 5000-6000 °K; 
3. 3-axis rotation; 
4. No Touch sensor for switching on and brightness adjustment

Standard specification:
  • Durable seamless upholstery
  • Manual double articulating headrest
  • Delivery system with manual adjustment
  • LCD touchpad for instrument operation
  • Combined footswitch for chair movement and push foot control for handpiece operation
  • Dentists 3-in-1 syringe
  • 2 x Midwest handpiece outlets
  • Acteon piezo scaler
  • Durr spittoon valve
  • 2 litre water bottle system
  • Ceramic spittoon bowl with manual rotation
  • Assistants arm with HVE and saliva ejector
  • LED operating light with touch free operation

Recommissioning your dental chair

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