Anthos A Range Autoclave


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3 Volumes, 1 size 

The A range is available in the 17, 22, and 28-litre versions. Three different capacities to allow users to choose the most suitable machine according to their needs. External dimensions, being the same for the three machines, make installation easier. The 17 and 22 litre models have five trays while the 28-litre model has six.

Water management.

The doors on the upper part of the steriliser allow the operator to reach the tanks to fill them with demineralised water and clean them. The in-tank sensor checks water quality and ensures long-lasting machine performance.

LCD display

Provided with keypad, it features clear user-friendly icons. The operator’s task is made easier and faster thanks to on-display availability of all data. Easy to install, a simple guided procedure aids the initial configuration.

Remote technical support with Easy Check.

All sterilisers of the A range are equipped with incorporated Wi-Fi and Ethernet port. Connected to the Internet by enabling the Easy Check service, they can receive remote support. Intervention times can be significantly reduced thereby allowing technicians to keep machines constantly efficient.

Traceability software.  

MyTrace is the traceability software available for A. By using this programme, each set of sterilised instruments can be associated to the patient through a bar code.  
This essential software completes the sterilisation process and provides legal protection to dentists.


The cycle reports are saved automatically inside the steriliser’s memory. Later on, they can be downloaded through the front USB port. The PDF files can be viewed on any device.


The A range can be completed with an external printer available as an optional accessory, able to provide reports or bar code labels.




Anthos Autoclaves

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