Acteon SOPRO 617 Camera

The SOPRO 617 camera is now a worldwide standard for dentists who demand SOPRO image quality.

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The SOPRO 617® intra-oral camera offers a 105° view for improved exploration of the distal areas. Its rounded shape and the thinness of the distal part make it more comfortable in the mouth.


The new optical system of the SOPRO 617 is equipped with an aspheric lens which avoids distortion and provides a high quality image. No adjustment is necessary to obtain a perfectly clear image.


Fix the image on the screen simply by touching the touch-sensitive SOPROTOUCH.


  • Maximum accessibility for unrivalled patient comfort
  • 105° view for improved exploration of the distal areas
  • High-quality images
  • Great depth of field
  • Compatibility with a video screen and/ or a computer
  • Easy to use



The autofluorescence makes it possible to detect decay even at its earliest stages, without subjecting the patient to any unnecessary radiation. SOPROCARE® also reveals dental plaque without using plaque disclosing solutions, and highlights gingival inflammation painlessly. Improve clinical performance and easily communicate the treatment plan to your patient. The patient is involved in making decisions and accept the treatment. Images can be captured and stored into any imaging software giving you all of the necessary tools to practice minimally invasive dentistry.


Improve patient communication - Highlight pathologies in an image and easily explain clinical procedures. Facilitate dialogue to address objections and patient concerns.

Increase treatment acceptance - Patients become more involved, meaning they soon understand the importance of their planned treatment. Improve efficiency and productivity!

Educate your patient - Use real images to make the patient more attentive and confident about your advice.

Follow up - Provide effective and efficient treatment planning by saving the images directly into the patient chart. Easily compare images from past patient visits and monitor progress.



Using the SOPRO 617 camera

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