A-dec 500 Dental Chair

Impeccable standards of quality and craftsmanship from start to finish. You see it in the design. You feel it in the performance.

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Meticulous Craftsmanship

A-dec scrupulously carries out impeccable standards of quality and craftsmanship from start to finish. You see it in the design. You feel it in the performance. And you depend on it for the life of your practice.

Flexible Integration

A-dec products are engineered to last and last, but technology is ever changing. A forward-thinking flexible design incorporates plug and play spaces into the delivery system for future technology, existing or not.

Unsurpassed Access

It’s all about having a clear view, with everything you need at your fingertips. An ultra-thin back and headrest and more compact footprint allow you to get close and work in a comfortable, natural position.

Ultimate Comfort

Is comfort a feeling or a science? It’s both. The A-dec 500 chair applies science and pressure mapping to the chair design for proper support and cushioning. Patients can simply settle in and relax.


Reliable Components

If your chair equipment isn’t functioning, neither is your office. With a reputation for best quality and a track record for fewer service calls, the A-dec 500 chair is an investment that pays off in the long term.

Easy Access. Optimal Visibility.

Get a better view from any angle. There is a delicate balance between positioning patients for optimal access to the oral cavity and keeping them comfortable and supported. The A-dec 500 unassumingly does both.

Intuitive Ergonomics. Lasting Health.

Physical comfort when you're working (and when you're not). Statistics prove that your profession takes a toll on your body. We keep that in mind with every chair and delivery system we design, applying new findings and features to help you work efficiently and effectively, but also comfortably. After all, we know that feeling good and doing what you want in your time out of the office counts, too

Graceful. Comfort.


  • Seamless Upholstery
  • Traditional Delivery System
  • Standard Touchpad
  • 3/1 Syringe
  • 3 x Fibre Optic Outlets
  • Standard Tray Holder
  • Cuspidor (inc. Support Link & Support Arm)
  • 3 Position Assistant’s Instrumentation
  • Halogen Light

A-dec 500 Dental Chair

A-dec 500 Continental Delivery System

A-dec 500 LED Light

A-dec 500 Dentist's Stool

A-dec 500

A-dec Left-to-right Conversion

Introducing the New A-dec 500: A Legend, Redefined

Recommissioning your dental chair

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We know an unexpected breakdown in your practice can be a massive headache for you and your patients - which is why we have a dedicated team of 50 people ready to provide you with a range of comprehensive cover options for your practice equipment, giving you complete peace of mind and minimising the cost of an unexpected breakdownYou can depend on us.

High tech digital support specialists

With Protection Cover, you get free access to our team of 10 high tech digital support specialists who can help with digital imaging, lasers and CAD/CAM. For the simpler problems, we also have technicians, who are dedicated to helping you over the phone. You can also at a small cost, use their services even if you don't have cover.

Protection cover

Invest in your practice - choose our comprehensive protection cover. For 12 months we will cover the items you want. It includes an annual service, emergency breakdown, labour and access to our high tech digital support specialists.

Annual service

To get optimum performance from your equipment and to conform to manufacturer’s recommendations, an annual service could be just what you’re looking for. It’s carried out by our accredited team and includes a 3 month warranty on the work.

Emergency breakdown service

We are never far away in an emergency. Unplanned breakdowns are a headache for any surgery. We are more than happy to help.

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