NewTom Go 2D/3D Imaging System

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User friendly and versatile 

GO 2D/3D is a CBCT device that offers high resolution images, exceptional performance and the utmost safety. Low dose protocols and the exclusive SafeBeamTM technology allow to adapt the dose released, based on diagnostic needs and the dimensions of the anatomical area, to protect the patient’s health.

Ergonomics and the adaptive alignment system ensure excellent positioning of the patient and perfect focusing for clear and detailed images.

The virtual console on tablet or PC is the ideal device to guide the operator during all phases of examinations. NNT is the technologically advanced software platform to manage, process, consult and share diagnostic images.



NewTom image acquisition technology and the powerful NNT software provide exceptional support for diagnoses that are always precise and detailed. 



Only the best results with excellent ergonomics and stable positioning of the patient. 


ECO Dose functions and SafeBeam™ technology, which automatically adapts to the dose radiated to the patient, makes patient safety a priority.


The X-ray images acquired can be easily stored, exported and shared with specialist third party software.


Superior diagnostic quality. Ultra clear images that are ideal for every clinical need.

GO 2D/3D generates images that are always clear and detailed for precise diagnoses in all situations. Superior quality obtained with advanced algorithms and protocols, and with an image sequence comprising cutting edge technological features. Using a single native 16-bit sensor produces 2D/3D images with thousands of grey levels, reduces examination selection times and improves operations. The high frequency generator and pulsed emission precisely adjust exposure, even automatically, to always obtain excellent scan quality.



Hi-Res mode scans produce very high definition images with voxel size 80 μm. It is also available with maximum FOV 10 x10 cm and combined with the ECO Scan protocol. This function is essential for an in-depth study of anatomical details.







The aMAR (autoadaptive Metal Artifact Reduction) algorithm clearly shows the anatomical structures even when there are metal objects, such as amalgam or implants, that would impair image quality.
This function of the software recognises the metal elements present and automatically generates an additional set of better quality images for a clearer view with artifacts reduced to a minimum.





Without an increase in dose, with a single scan the exclusive MultiPAN mode generates a set of 5 panoramic images corresponding to five different focal planes. The operator can choose the most suitable one for his diagnostic needs.





Excellent comfort for rapid and stable positioning of the patient



Designed to ensure excellent positioning of the patient, GO 2D/3D allows to rapidly find the correct position for examinations that are always perfect.

Excellent positioning
GO 2D/3D offers outstanding patient stability with stable and comfortable positioning, which is essential for perfect focusing and images that are always clear.

  • The angled position of the rotary arm facilitates patient access and ensures a correct view for the operator.
  • The column, which features a two-speed drive, reaches the desired height in a few seconds and precisely performs fine adjustments of patient position.
  • The head support unit ensures exceptional stability with 5 contact points: three self-stabilising supports for head, bite and chin rest.
  • Two metal handles for effective patient support and to ensure that the patient is correctly positioned during all phases of the examination.



Guided alignment
Three laser guides and a wide front mirror allow rapid and precise positioning of the patient. The device can be controlled by the operator with a user-friendly on-board keyboard or by using the dedicated App for iPhone and Android.


Newtom Go 2D/3D

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