NewTom GiANO 2D/3D Imaging System

Versatile, modular diagnostic platform ensuring excellent image quality ergonomics and safety for patients

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NewTom GiANO represents the perfect solution for dental specialists who want to increase the value of their practice. Thanks to NewTom high technology and a competitive price, GiANO can be considered the most competitive hybrid available today. The specialist has at his disposal a device which can perform a wide range of exams depending on his requirements: 2D, 3D, Ceph and carpal exams. NewTom GiANO with a 2D configuration can be enhanced to 3D or Ceph at any time.


Flexible solutions for precise 2D imaging

A cutting-edge acquisition system, including a highly sensitive CCD sensor, ensures clear and homogeneous panoramic and cephalometric images in an extremely compact device. GiANO has a rapid sensor locking and unlocking system for extraordinary efficiency in all circumstances. Through the development of a truly modular system, NewTom GiANO can be easily upgraded to CBCT and/or CEPH with minimal effort, at any time.


Broad scope for 3D diagnostics

GiANO generates volumes providing accurate examinations for every diagnostic need. Wide choice of fields of view and execution modes for dedicated applications for endodontic examinations, with resolution up to 75 μm.


Key features:



Removable 2D sensor

NewTom increases the value of this system by adding removable sensor technology. This allows the operator to safely switch the 2D sensor from the main structure and use it on the Ceph arm. A removable 2D sensor is the perfect solution for those practices which require a high quality device at a competitive price.


FOV multipli

The FOV range most suited to analysis of the different anatomic regions is governed by international standards which are based on the ”ALARA” principle (As Low As Reasonably Achievable), which aims at reducing the effective dose absorbed by the patient. 

The use of a small FOV in addition to reducing the dimension of the irradiated region, provides a dramatic increase in the accuracy and resolution of images for all pathologies where it is necessary to identify very small details at high definition. On the contrary, with one single rotation, a bigger FOV permits the operator to scan patients where the referring doctors need to see the major part of the anatomical regions of the patient.


ImageSafeBeam™ technology

Featured in all NewTom CBCT units, SafeBeam™ automatically adjusts the radiation dosage according to the density of the volume in the gantry. This technology uses intermittent bursts of radiation, which last only milliseconds, during image acquisition. 

SafeBeam™ technology automatically and continuously monitors system operations, thereby eliminating the possibility of unnecessary exposures. In conjunction with our patented SafeBeam™ technology, NewTom GiANO has a wider range of adjustments for the X-ray voltage and current (kV 60-90 and mA=1-10) when compared to other CBCT systems. As a result, patient exposure is customised for each scan and image contrast remains consistent, regardless of patient size or bone density.


Wider focal through advance kinematics

NewTom GiANO employs a specially synchronized kinematics made up of one rotary movement combined with two simultaneous translatory movements, which ensure constant magnification in all projections, thus leading to highly reliable diagnostic images.  
The simultaneous translatory movements keep the X-ray detector at a constant distance from the midline of the dental arch, throughout the entire scan, so that the image magnification is constant and uniform in the resulting radiograph.


NewTom GiANO

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