BIOLASE Epic X Laser

Soft tissue diode laser - ideal for healing and pain therapy

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Clinical benefits of this soft tissue diode laser:
  • Relatively bloodless during and after a surgical procedure

  • Bacterial reduction in the surgical area

  • Minimal swelling and scarring
  • More predictable tissue response; little to no tissue rebound or post-operative recession
  • Minimal or no suturing required
  • Less postsurgical discomfort & pain
  • Safe when used near underlying tooth and bone structure
  • Safe when used around metal
  • Great patient acceptance
  • Simple and easy to us
Indications for use include:
Surgery Solutions 
  • Control of bleeding
  • Troughing for crown prep
  • Fibroma removal
  • Operculectomy
  • Fibrotic tissue removal
  • Pulpotomy
  • Removal of granulation tissue
  • De-epithetialisation of sulcular pocket
Bacterial Reduction 
  • Bacterial Decontamination of sulcular pocket, around implants and endondontic canal disinfection
Healing and Pain Therapy
  • Wound healing
  • Bio-stimulation
  • TMJ and myofacial pain

How to use a diode laser for pocket therapy

How to expose an implant

How to expose a canine

How to treat orthodontic hyperplasia

How to recognise the different indicator lights

How to use the icon & settings menu

How to thin thick tissue - gingivoplasty

How to use your diode laser for troughing

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Detailed below are a list of errors which may occur. Click on an error, warning or alert to see what this means and what action should be taken.

If you do not find the error below or the action you take does not solve the problem, please contact our service team on 0800 028 4749.


Error 1: Message - Thermistor open


Call our service team on 0800 028 4749.

Error 2: Message - Thermistor shorted


Call our service team on 0800 028 4749.

Error 3: Message - Shutdown temperature

This error message means the system is too hot. 


Allow 5-10 minutes for the laser to cool down. 

Error 5: Message - Footswitch shorted

This message means the footswitch is partially pressed or damaged.


Press/release the footswitch or call our service team on 0800 028 4749.

Error 4: Message - Laser current High/Low

This error message means the output is out of specs.


Call our service team on 0800 028 4749.

Error 6: Message - On/Off button stuck

This error message means the key is stuck.


Press the front key. 

Error 7: Message - Flash corrupted

This error message means memory corrupted.


Call our service team on 0800 028 4749.

Error 8: Message - No fibre

This error message means the fibre is not inserted.


Plug in trunk fibre. 

Error 9: Message - Lost footswitch communication

This error message means there is wireless interference.


Reposition console or footswitch to improve communication.

Error 10: Message - Emergency switch

This error message means that the E-switch is pressed.  


Press the E-switch again.

Error 11: Message - Remote interlock

This error message means the remote interlock is open.


Check the remote interlock is closed.

Error 12: Message - Battery critically low

This error message means the battery is critically low.


Plug in DC supply.

Error 13: Message - Internal error

This error message means an internal error has occurred.


Restart unit.

Error 14: Message - Footswitch battery

This error message means the footswitch battery is critically low.


Replace the footswitch battery.

Warning 1: Message - Temperature high

This warning message means the system is hot.


Allow 5-10 minutes for the laser to cool down. 

Warning 2: Message - Battery is low

This warning message means the battery is low.


Plug in DC supply.

Warning 3: Message - Battery not connected

This warning message means the battery is not connected.


Plug in the battery.

Warning 4: Message - Footswitch battery is low

This warning message means the footswitch battery is low.


Replace the footswitch battery.

Warning 5: Message - Footswitch

This warning message means the footswitch is held.


Release the footswitch.

Alert 2: Message - System must be in ready mode to lase

This alert message means the system is not in ready mode.


Press the control button in any procedure screen.

Alert 1: Message - Wireless not paired

This alert message means there is no wireless connection.


Re-establish pairing. To re-establish pairing, take the following steps:

1. Go to the Settings menu on the laser console display by pressing the Settings button  ""   and select the “Wireless” icon.  "" 

2. A screen will appear indicating that pairing of the footswitch to the laser console has been lost, press the green PAIR button.  "" 


3. The message that “PAIRING WILL NOW BEGIN” will appear; press the green check mark to continue.  "" 


4. To complete the pairing process, turn the footswitch over and press the Pairing Button  ""  for 4 seconds.


5a. The Wireless screen will appear indicating that pairing was successful and that the footswitch and laser console are now paired. Proceed to step 6.


5b. If pairing has not occurred, the Wireless screen will appear again indicating that pairing was not successful; press the green button to repeat steps 3 – 5a.  ""


6. Press the Settings button to return to the Settings menu; press the arrow on the bottom left of the Settings screen to return to the Home screen.


Why is the 940nm wavelength superior?

The 940nm wavelength cuts soft tissue cleaner, with more hemostasis and supreme patient comfort.

How do you know what parameters to follow?

The EPIC provides you with precise settings related to the amount of laser energy dispersed into targeted tissue.

How gentle is the laser on soft tissue?

One of the most promising aspects of laser dentistry is the opportunity to do more with less anesthetic and less damage to the tissue. The EPIC delivers on that promise with ComfortPulse, a proprietary innovation that delivers precisely controlled micropulses of diode energy to the tissue, followed by “down” time to allow tissue to relax and respond positively to laser treatment.

How does the EPIC compare in power to other laser brands?

The EPIC delivers power that other portable diode lasers cannot match – up to 10 Watts of peak power in a compact, elegantly designed console that is fully portable in the dental clinic.

What can you use the EPIC laser for?

The EPIC has three unique therapy modes – Soft Tissue Surgery, Whitening and Pain Therapy. No matter which therapy you wish to offer, you have versatility available at the touch of a finger.

What are the contraindications?

All clinical procedures performed with the Epic must be subjected to the same clinical judgment and care as with traditional techniques. Patient risk must always be considered and fully understood before clinical treatment. The clinician must completely understand the patient’s medical history prior to treatment. Exercise caution for general medical conditions that might contraindicate a local procedure. Such conditions may include allergy to local or topical anesthetics, heart disease, lung disease, bleeding disorders and immune system deficiency, or any medical conditions or medications that may contraindicate use of certain light/laser type sources associated with this device. Medical clearance from patient’s physician is advisable when doubt exists regarding treatment.

How has laser treatment impacted patient treatment?

Laser Dentistry has rapidly emerged with a new level of quality care for patients. Features like the ability to perform more procedures in less time without sacrificing patient care and comfort are an added advantage. A wide range of dental practice specialties and their patients benefit from laser treatment. For instance, lasers can be used around metal crowns, on patients with pacemakers and braces, on teeth with metal amalgams and in procedures involving bone structure – all with few negative effects. Patients report that laser treatments are much gentler than those administered with an electrosurge or a scalpel and result in little or no recession, swelling, less necrosis and a quicker post-op healing process. Additionally, laser surgery is substantially less invasive therefore generates less bleeding during the procedure. Lasers are predictable, precise and produce a reduction in the need for suturing.

How can the laser enhance your dental practice?

Most dentists who have incorporated a laser into their practice believe that laser dentistry has long surpassed electrosurge as a treatment option and is rapidly becoming the 21st century replacement for the scalpel. Laser dentistry enables practitioners to manage soft tissue procedures in a clinically effective manner producing results which are generally more predictable reducing patient post-op pain and discomfort. Using the laser consistently enables the practitioner to administer less anesthesia, when necessary, which enhances the dental experience for both the dentist and patient. Lasers can be used effectively and efficiently on a variety soft tissue surgery, periodontal treatment, whitening, and pain management procedures. Dental lasers like Epic are compact in design, easy-to-use and very cost-effective to own.

How long is the battery life for the EPIC 10?

The battery life for the EPIC 10 is 1 hour of continuous usage (equivalent to 6-8 procedures).

Can you reuse the single-use disposable tips?

The disposable tips for the EPIC 10 are single use and should be disposed of in your sharps container after completing the procedure on your patient.

What types of chemicals or items should you avoid using around a laser?

Given the thermal component of lasers, there is a risk of a fire if the heat generated through the laser beam makes contact with combustible materials and/or gases.

Daily Maintenance

Use the peel-off clear covers for the laser console supplied with the system. Use disinfectant to wipe down the front panel and handpiece holder of the Epic X system after each procedure. Do not use bleach or abrasive cleansers.

Cleaning and Sterilisation Procedures

The contamination control suggested for the Epic X surgical handpiece and tips is the steam sterilisation method. However, before sterilisation, the Epic X reusable handpiece should be carefully cleaned per the following procedure.

  • Handpiece and tips must be cleaned and sterilised prior to initial use.
  • Tips are single-use only to avoid cross-contamination and are designed to withstand a single sterilisation cycle; they must be disposed of after use in a biohazard medical waste Sharps container.
  • Handpieces are reusable and must be cleaned and sterilised between patients to avoid cross-contamination.

Cleaning and Disinfecting Instructions - Surgical Handpiece, Reusable Fibre Optic Cable

The cleaning process is intended to remove blood, protein and other potential contaminants from the surfaces and crevices of reusable accessories. This process may also reduce the quantity of particles, micro-organisms and pathogens present. Cleaning should be performed prior to sterilisation and must be conducted only by qualified office personnel trained to perform the procedure and handle the Epic X fibre optic delivery system.

  • Wear protective latex gloves when handling the contaminated delivery system.
  • To disinfect the fibre cable, wipe the entire cable, including the shaft, with an appropriate disinfecting solution, such as Cavicide™ or a similar quaternary ammonium compound product (containing 20% alcohol or less) and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Avoid getting any liquid or debris near the distal end of the fibre cable.

Manual Cleaning of the Surgical Handpiece

Cleaning must be performed within a maximum of 1 hour after the procedure and always prior to sterilisation.

1.   After use, carefully remove the tip from the handpiece and dispose of in a biohazard medical waste Sharps container.

2.   Carefully remove the handpiece from the fibre optic cable.

3.   Prepare any commercially available surgical instrument detergent/enzymatic cleaning solution with a pH of 7.0, such as Enzol® or similar enzymatic presoak and cleaner, per the manufacturer’s instructions. (Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for disposal of used solution).

4.   Rinse the handpiece under running lukewarm tap water (22 – 43°C) for a minimum of 10 seconds to remove gross soil.

5.   Wrap the handpiece in a piece of gauze that has been soaked in the cleaning solution; leave it wrapped in the gauze for a minimum of 10 minutes.

6.   Unwrap the handpiece from the gauze and use a soft-bristled brush dipped in the cleaning solution to gently scrub it for at least 15 seconds.

7.   Rinse the handpiece under running lukewarm tap water (22-43°C) for a minimum of 10 seconds and then dry with a lint-free cloth.

8.   Visually inspect the handpiece for any residual soil. If necessary, repeat steps 5 - 7 until all residual soil is removed.

Steam Sterilisation for Surgical Handpiece, Single Use Tips

The steam sterilisation process is intended to destroy infectious micro-organisms and pathogens.

Always perform the procedure immediately after cleaning, prior to use and only with CE-marked sterilisation accessories, i.e., sterilisation pouch and autoclave tray.

  • Place the handpiece and fibre tips in separate single-wrap, self-seal autoclave pouches.
  • Place on an autoclave tray; do not stack other instruments on top of the pouches.
  • Place the tray inside the autoclave chamber and set the appropriate cycle as recommended in the below table.

Type of Steriliser


Min Time

Drying Time

Gravity Displacement


121°C ( 250°F)

30 minutes

15 – 30 minutes

132°C (270°F)

15 minutes


Dynamic-Air-Removal (Pre-Vacuum)

132°C (270°F)

4 minutes

20 - 30 minutes

134°C (EU only)

  • Once the cycle is completed, remove the tray and let each sterilised item cool and dry. The handpiece and tips must remain in the sterilisation pouches until used in order to maintain sterility.
  • For instructions on how to reassemble the handpiece, please refer to section 2.7 of the Epic X User Manual.

Disinfecting the Whitening/Contour Handpiece

The whitening handpiece comes with disposable non-sterile protective shields. The handpiece and clear protective shield are not autoclavable. The clear protective shields are intended for one-time use only and should never be reused to prevent cross-contamination.

To disinfect the whitening handpiece, wipe down the handpiece with gauze and isopropyl alcohol. Always wipe the disposable shield with alcohol prior to use. Dispose of after single use.

Disinfecting the Deep Tissue Handpiece

The deep tissue handpiece comes with non-sterile, disposable protective shields. The handpiece and clear protective shield are not autoclavable. The clear protective shields are intended for single-time use only and should never be reused to prevent cross-contamination.

To disinfect the deep tissue handpiece, wipe the entire outer surface of the handpiece with cotton gauze and isopropyl alcohol or a mild chemical disinfectant.

Always wipe the disposable shield with alcohol prior to use. Dispose of after one-time use.

Installing / Replacing the Console Battery Pack

  • To install or replace the battery pack, remove the battery cover on the underside of the console using the Phillips screwdriver included with the laser system.

Battery Cover

  • To remove the battery, grip the battery at the top and pull the cable away from the connector. Do not tug or wrench the cable from the connector.
  • To install the battery, insert the connector wire from the battery to the unit, making sure the red wire is on the left and gently place the battery into the compartment (as highlighted below).

  • Replace the battery cover on the bottom of the unit, using a standard Phillips screwdriver.
  • Connect the power cord of the DC power supply to the unit and plug into a wall outlet. Before first use, you should fully charge the battery (at least 3 hours). Once the battery is charged, unplug the power cord from the wall outlet and the console. The unit will run on battery power alone.
  • Recycle the used Lithium Ion battery as regulated. Do not throw it in a rubbish bin.

Only use the battery pack supplied by BIOLASE. The battery pack is a separate accessory.

Changing the Wireless Footswitch Batteries

The wireless footswitch is powered by two AAA batteries. When the batteries are low, a warning message will appear on the touchscreen indicating that the batteries need to be replaced. To replace the batteries, unscrew the battery cover on the underside of the footswitch, remove the old batteries, and install the new ones, replacing the cover when done. Dispose of the used batteries as regulated; do not throw them in a rubbish bin.

Do not press/push/touch the Pairing Button (as shown in image below) while changing the batteries, as this will disrupt the pairing of the laser console and footswitch.

Pairing Button

Replacing the batteries may disrupt the pairing of the laser console and footswitch. If you find the wireless communication has been interrupted, re-establish pairing by following the instructions provided in Section 4 of the Epic X User Manual.

To ensure the longevity of the battery power, only BIOLASE-supplied batteries are recommended as replacements; these are industrial-grade batteries which under normal use have a longer life than conventional AAA batteries.


The Epic X is susceptible to damage if not handled properly. The unit should ALWAYS be handled carefully and never banged, jarred, jolted, dropped or knocked.

Do not transport the unit unless it is completely packaged inside its shipping box.


The Epic X should be stored in a cool, dry place when not in use. Storage temperature 15°C-35°C (59°F-95°F), relative humidity 10%-70%, non-condensing. Cover the unit when not in use for extended periods of time. Store the system in a place where it will not be accidentally bumped or banged.

Make sure the distal end of the handpiece shaft is protected from dirt with the protective tip plug and handpiece.

Remove the batteries from the footswitch if the Epic X is not likely to be used for some time.

The Epic X is shipped inside a custom shipping box. Please save and store the box in a cool, dry place for use when transporting the laser or for long-term storage.

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