Switch off infection control risks: Switch on DAC Universal

Comply with infection control standards at the touch of a button and avoid cross contamination: Completely safe with DAC Universal. Your patients and employees can rely on this all-round protection and put their complete trust in the treatment with reprocessed and thermally disinfected instruments.


Hygiene at the touch of a button

The touch of a button is all that is required for the lid to close and for DAC Universal to begin its fully automatic decontamination program. Your instruments are then cleaned, lubricated and disinfected*. This is how easy it is to eliminate potential handling errors and obtain perfectly clean results.

*no sterilisation

Easy handling

New design, touch display with intuitive user interface, guided maintenance workflow Check & Clean. Process safety through automatic program selection. LAN interface for electronical documentation.


Cost-effective reprocessing

Low operating and consumption costs – no use of cleaning and disinfection chemicals and chemoindicators. Low investment costs in instruments thanks to cooling at the end of the process and therefore quick return to service.


Fully automatic reprocessing

Six instruments in approx. 15 minutes: Internal and external cleaning, lubrication (if needed) and disinfection* of straight and contra-angle handpieces, turbines, ultrasonic handpieces and tips, nozzles of multifunctional syringes and powder jet devices as well as powder jet handpieces.

Legal certainty

Cleaning and disinfection process which can be validated. Cleaning and disinfection process in accordance with EN ISO 15883-1/-2.

  • Handpiece cleaner
  • With DAC there is no more manual post-surgery manipulation of handpieces
  • Up to 6 handpieces can be: cleaned internally, cleaned externally, lubricated and sterilised
  • Whole cycle takes approximately 15 minutes from dirty handpiece to autoclaved handpiece
  • Reduced oil consumption
  • Amortisation period = 10 - 20 months - turning hygiene cost into profit

Recommissioning your decon room post COVID-19

Check & Clean the DAC Universal

DAC Universal Troubleshooting Error 70

DAC Universal Troubleshooting Error 71

DAC Universal Troubleshooting Error 81

DAC Universal Troubleshooting Error 84

DAC Universal Troubleshooting Error 86

DAC Universal Troubleshooting Error 90

DAC Universal Troubleshooting Error 91

DAC Universal Troubleshooting Error 92


Detailed below is a list of errors which may appear on your unit’s display. Click on an error to see the possible cause and what action should be taken.

If the DAC UNIVERSAL displays an error, you cannot be sure that a complete cycle has been carried out and therefore the instruments are not sterile – so you must start a complete new cycle.

If an error occurs during sterilisation, the display will, when the lid opens, show that an error has occurred during sterilisation. In order to clear this error and start a new complete cycle - you need to press the “M”-button together with the “C”-button (This will also be indicated in the display)

If the error light is flashing without giving an alarm signal, it is because the machine has reached 3000 cycles or it has been 24 months since the last service. Contact our service team in order to do a biennial service on the DAC UNIVERSAL autoclave. Meanwhile the machine can still be used if only the error light is flashing and no other error codes are visual in the display.

In case of an error, an alarm will sound and the error will be displayed visually.

Please note the error code before resetting the alarm. Pressing C resets the alarm.

When pressing C the lid will open for approx. 2 seconds raise and then stop, until the temperature is below 104⁰C/219.2⁰F, following which it will open completely.

Do not open if the temperature is more than 104⁰C/219.2⁰F (⁰C indicated in the display), hot steam may come out of the chamber.

If you do not find the error below or the action you take does not solve the problem, please contact our support team on 08700 10 20 46. In order to help you, have the serial number of your unit and a detailed description of the error ready.



Wipe up possible spilled water after filling.

If there is still a leakage, please call our service team on 0800 028 4749.

Note: If the water is filled into the tank too abruptly or the tank is overfilled, the water may leak onto the table. 

Water in chamber after cycle


Clean or change the filter.

Check that the drain tube is not blocked or broken.

Empty the drain tank if full.

Condensation in instruments


If the instruments are to be stored for a longer period (e.g. during the weekend), it is important that they are blown through (horizontal) manually with compressed air in order to remove condensation in the instruments - as condensation can cause corrosion in the instruments.

Note: Be sure to use compressed air at pressure-level (bar) in accordance with the user manual/instructions from the manufacturer of the instruments.

After the instruments have been blown through they must be wrapped.

Loose adapters


Tighten the adapter with the enclosed Allen key.

Wrong liquid


If liquids other than demineralised or distilled water has been filled into the water tank, then the DAC UNIVERSAL must not be used.

Call our service team on 0800 028 4749.

Sterilisation OFF Press safety ring! (simultaneously a long acoustic alarm is given)


Your DAC Universal engineer has been running a special-programme.

Very Important: Disconnect the power-cable of the DAC Universal and connect it again. If this is not done sterilisation phase will NOT take place! 

What tests do you need to perform on the DAC universal?

On a daily basis, with each cycle run, a class 5 integrator needs to be put in the clip provided to ensure that the DAC reaches the correct temperature and sterilises successfully. The code for these tests is IMS-1241.

How often should you use a Nitraclean tablet?

This should be used once every 50 cycles or once weekly. The Nitraclean tablet will degrease the internals of the DAC and help maintain its effectiveness.

How often should you change the oil filter?

The oil filter should be removed weekly and rinsed under running water. This should then be changed for a new filter once a month.

How often should the DAC be serviced?

The unit requires a service every 3000 cycles or Bi-annually. The DAC will inform you when a maintenance call is due.

How often should the DAC be validated?

HTM requires all decontamination equipment to be validated on an annual basis.

Cleaning and maintenance

After every 50 runs the DAC Universal will, for 2 seconds, give an acoustic alarm and the display will show the following information: “Remember Check & Clean – Press safety ring” - this to remind the user of the need to clean and maintain the unit.

Below please find the detailed service/maintenance schedule for the DAC UNIVERSAL.

In the table it is indicated how often cleaning/maintenance should be carried out.

If you follow the schedule below, you will ensure optimal maintenance and performance of your DAC UNIVERSAL.





  Every    month

  Every  quarter

 Once  a year

 Every second        year in         connection       with the           biennial service or after   3000 cycles

  1. Clean the drain tank



    2.  Clean the drain filter



    3.  Clean the adapter lid



    4.  Clean the adapters & adapter                    O-rings



    5.  Clean the machine externally



    6.  Clean the chamber



    7.  Check for oil entering the chamber



    8.  Check for water entering the                      chamber



    9.  Check the safety ring




    10. Drain the water tank




    11. Change the drain-filter




    12. Clean the water tank




    13. Change the O-rings on the                         adapters




    14. Change the filter in the Sterile-filter             (IF a Sterile-filter is installed on the             air-tube)




    15. Change the O-ring on the filter                   housing



    16. Change the O-rings on the bottom           adapter (in chamber)



    17. Change the O-rings at each guiding           tube in the lid



    18. Change the gasket on the lid



    19. Change the O-rings in the valves



    20. Change the gasket in the valves



    21. Change the gasket under each                 adapter



* The above frequency is based on approximately 10 complete cycles per day. If you use your DAC UNIVERSAL more often than this, adjust your service frequency accordingly.

Only authorised engineers may perform the steps 16 to 21 in connection with biennial service.

1. Cleaning the drain tank

Follow universal precautions as well as any applicable waste disposal regulations when handling drain tank contents. Please make sure to wear surgical gloves during this procedure.

It is recommended that you empty and clean the drain tank on a weekly basis.

To empty the drain tank, discard the content of the tank according to your local or national guidelines and/or regulations.

  • Screw off the lid and take out the drain-damper.
  • Empty the drain tank - rinse the tank thoroughly with hot water and then empty it again.
  • Clean the external surfaces of the drain-damper and the drain-tank with a towel wringed in hot water.
  • Fill the tank to the “minimum” line with a solution of 25% isopropyl alcohol and 75% water.
  • Re-install drain-damper and lid then put the drain tank back into service.


2. Cleaning the drain filter

The DAC UNIVERSAL should be turned off and cooled down before cleaning the drain filter. Please make sure to wear surgical gloves during this procedure.

  • Unscrew the lid of the filter-housing with the supplied filter key.
  • Unscrew the filter from the housing with the filter key.
  • Clean the filter thoroughly under running tap water.
  • If possible hold the filter in a paper towel and blow compressed air through the filter from the direction shown.
  • Gently mount the filter into the housing with the filter key.
  • Tighten the lid of the filter-housing back on with the filter key.


The filter must be replaced with a new filter every 4 weeks, based on approximately 10 cycles per day

3. Cleaning the adapter lid

  • Clean the adapter lid with isopropyl alcohol or warm water. 

The adapter lid must not be cleaned with a product containing chlorine.

4. Check the adapters & adapter O-rings

  • Check the attachment of the adapters to the lid, by gentle tugging in each adapter.
  • If any adapters are loose, tighten the screws holding down the adapters with the supplied allen key.

If any of the O-rings on the adapters are damaged or missing, see point 13 below.

5. Cleaning the machine externally

  • Clean the outside of the unit with isopropyl alcohol or warm water.

6. Clean the chamber

  • Clean the chamber with isopropyl alcohol or warm water.

The chamber must not be cleaned with a product containing chlorine.

7. Check the oil entering the chamber

Remove the adapter lid from the DAC UNIVERSAL lid holder, so that view into the chamber is unobstructed.

Oil is led through the tubes in the following way:

  • Press the lubricate button and hold it down.
  • After a few seconds you will hear the oil dispenser start pumping and shortly after oil will enter the chamber from the bottom adapter. When oil enter the chamber, immediately stop pressing the lubricate button.
  • The display of the DAC Universal will now indicate the number of shots from the oil dispenser.

If this number is 60 or above, or if no oil enters the chamber at all, please call our service team on 0800 028 4749.

The oil indication disappears automatically from the display after a few moments.

8. Check the water entering the chamber

  • Remove the adapter lid from the DAC UNIVERSAL lid holder, for unobstructed view.

Procedure A

Water is led through the tubes in the following way:

  • Press the Rinse/Flush button on the display for more than 1 second and hold until the water is automatically led through the tubes into the chamber.
  • Through visual control, check that water appears in the chamber through the bottom adaptor.


Procedure B

  • Press the Menu/Enter button.
  • Use the up/down arrows until “Manual” is selected, then press Menu/Enter.
  • Use the up/down arrows until “Water” is selected, then press Menu/Enter again.

Water should flow into the chamber through four small holes in the bottom of the chamber. Press Clear to stop the water pump.

It is very important to see the water enter the chamber, if there is no water, the instruments are not washed. Call our service team on 0800 028 4749, if water does not enter the chamber.

9. Check the safety ring

  • Press Start and then press the safety ring (within 20 seconds) to start a cycle.
  • While the lid is closing, press and release the safety ring.
  • The lid retracts for 5 seconds and Error 86 is shown on the display.
  • Press Clear to return to normal operation (lid opens completely).

10. Draining the water tank

If an automatic ‟external‟ water supply is installed - remember to CLOSE this water supply – before performing one of the following procedures.

Procedure A

  • At the DAC UNIVERSAL Water Inlet fitting, disconnect the water tube from the water supply. Connect a length of 4/6 mm (0.16/0.24 inches) tubing to the Water Inlet connection of the DAC UNIVERSAL and place the end of this tubing into a sink or bucket, at a height below the DAC UNIVERSAL. This tube will be used to drain the DAC UNIVERSAL water tank.
  • Press the “Menu/Enter” button.
  • Use the “Up” or “Down” button in order to find “Manual”. Press Menu/Enter.
  • Use the “Up” or “Down” button in order to find “Drain Tank”. Press Menu/Enter.
  • The valve between the water tank and the Water Inlet connection will open, and water will empty from the tank through the tubing into the sink or bucket. Note that it takes approximately five to ten minutes to completely drain a full water tank.
  • Await the water tank to be completely empty.
  • Press the “Menu/Enter” button – to stop the draining.
  • Reconnect the water tubes as they were prior to this procedure.

If an automatic ’external’ water supply is installed - remember to OPEN this water supply again.

If an automatic ‟external‟ water supply is NOT installed – manually fill the water tank with demineralised or distilled water.


Procedure B

No need to disconnect the water tube from the water supply.

  • Remove lid from DAC UNIVERSAL lid holder so that view into chamber is unobstructed.
  • Press the “Menu/Enter” button. Use the “Up” or “Down” button in order to find “Manual”. Press Menu/Enter.
  • Use the “Up” or “Down” button until “Water” is selected. Press Menu/Enter again.
  • Water should flow into the chamber through the centre bottom adapter.
  • When the water from the watertank has filled the chamber half way up – Press the “Menu/Enter” button to stop the waterpump.
  • Replace the lid in the lid holder.
  • Press the “Up” or “Down” button until “Drain Chamber“ is selected - then press Menu/Enter.
  • When the machine has closed (is done automatically), after 60 seconds the lid will open up automatically.
  • Repeat above points until watertank and chamber are completely empty.

If an automatic ‟external‟ water supply is NOT installed – manually fill the water tank with demineralised or distilled water.

11. Change the drain-filter 

The DAC UNIVERSAL should be turned off and be cold before changing the filter. Please make sure to wear surgical gloves during this procedure.

  • Unscrew and loosen the filter-housing lid with the filter key. Unscrew the old filter, and dispose of it.
  • Screw in the new filter with the filter key, and then tighten the filter-housing lid with the filter key.

12. Clean the water tank

  • Drain the tank (see point number 10).
  • Remove power-plug from the autoclave – i.e. disconnect the DAC UNIVERSAL from power.
  • Remove the filter at the top of the water tank. Lift up the water tank.
  • The tank and the filter can now be cleaned with hot water (max. 50⁰C).
  • Gently clean the bottom adapter of the water tank (which is attached on the machine) with a damp cloth.
  • Remember to dry the tank and filter with a clean towel, after wash.
  • When cleaned put the tank back on the bottom adapter. Press the water tank down over the water tank adapter and be very careful not to damage the water sensor or the conductivity sensor pins.
  • Put back the filter on top of the water tank and fill with water of 3.0 µS/cm (microsiemens).
  • Reconnect the power-plug to the autoclave.

13. Change the o-rings on the adapters

  • Remove the o-rings on the adapters using a dental pick or another instrument.
  • Place new o-rings onto grooves; ensure to place each o-ring into the proper groove.

If the o-rings on the adapters are not placed correctly, this might damage the instruments or the o-rings and compromise the sterilisation.

If you have an adapter for Yoshida Turbine (order number 63 23 831), a service technician must maintain this adapter at the biennial service.

14. Change the filter in the Sterile-filter (if a Sterile-filter is installed instead of an air-filter on the air-tube)

  • Unscrew the filter-shield of the Sterile-filter by pressing down the black button and simultaneously turn the filter-shield app. 1/8. (Fig. 1)
  • Pull down the filter-shield.
  • Screw out (counter clock-wise) the filter. (Fig. 2)
  • Screw in (clock-wise) a new filter.
  • Screw back the filter-shield in the Sterile-filter.


15. Change the o-ring on the filter housing

The DAC UNIVERSAL should be turned off and be cold before changing the o-ring. Please make sure to wear surgical gloves during this procedure.

  • Unscrew and loosen the filter-housing lid with the filter key.
  • Remove the o-ring on the filter-housing lid, and replace it with a new o-ring.
  • Screw the filter-housing lid back into the DAC UNIVERSAL with the filter key.

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